Souvenirs from Portugal.

Given Portugal's history and incredible influence in the world about 500 years ago, it is surprising that so little is know about this little country around the world today. Whereas Spain for example has a very well defined image abroad, (flameco, paella, sangria and bullfights are readily associated with Spain), Portugal is so extremely low key and you almost have to come here yourself and spend time hunting out its many treasures.

If you are interested in Portugal, some of the items below may also be of interest to you, and with Christmas coming up, they make great gifts too.


LIVING IN PORTUGAL by Anne de Stoop is a beautiful book with information on Portugal's traditions, culture, history and heritage. With fantastic photographs by Jerome Darblay of the country's landscapes, palaces and images of everyday life.

THE COOKING OF PORTUGAL, Classic Traditions, Fresh Ingredients and Authentic Tastes in 60 Aromatic Recipes by Miguel De Castro E Silva


Mariza is the greatest Fado singer since the late Amalia Rodrigues, Portugal's diva of Fado and the country's first truly internationally well known singer.

She has brought new life into this traditional form of music with her incredibly powerful and beautiful voice. On this album many of the songs are even up beat and joyful, words that are not usually associated with the Portuguese Fado.