Caldo Verde

Caldo Verde is a typical portuguese soup eaten all over Portugal. It is made from a large dark green cabbage called couve. Remove the stalks of the cabbage and shred the leaves very finely. You can also find it already shredded at most supermarkets in Portugal.


3 medium potatoes

1 liter water

2/3 tablespoons olive oil

500g finely shredded green cabbage leaves (couve)

salt and pepper

sliced chorico (portuguese sausage similar to salami) to garnish

Cook the potatoes in water with a little salt. Remove potatoes, keeping the water. Mash potaoes and return to the water. Add olive oil and the shredded cabbage. Boil uncovered for 3 minutes. The cabbage is finely shredded so it does not need to cook for very long. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Serve with a slice of chorico in each plate.

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